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Our Mission

  • Our mission is plain and simple, your satisfaction. We strive hard to make sure we develop solutions that leave our customers with a smile.

Our Vision

  • We believe in the good ol' saying that the customer is always right. Our growth is based on this philosophy. We believe it is the foundation that will allow us solid growth and loyalty in the community.

Our Winning Culture

  • We are a collaboration of professionals educated and experienced in developing solutions for your IT needs.

Our History

  • The company was created in founded in 2007 with the purpose of becoming a all-in-one consultation and development business. Through the years, we have added more and more services to our portfolio and are now able to provide you with more without costing you more. We believe that you know what you want and we will help you get it.


Medical Equipment Technologies

We Find
We are technology specialists. When it comes to finding medical equipment, you can rely on us to find you what you want quickly!

We Sell
We have some smashing good deals! To view what we have to offer, please click here to be directed to our store.

We Buy
Got something you need to get rid of. Let us sell it for you. We can find you buyers for whatever medical device you are selling.

We Even Fix
We specialize in maintaining repairing CR technology from major manufacturers like Kodak, AllPro, iCRco, and more. If we don't service it, let us refer you to someone who can.


App and Web Development

Apps - Whether Apple or Android. We can make an app for you or for a business.

Full Websites - Need a site for you or your business, we can make that happen. Whether you need an informational site to a full database backed web app suite, we can make it happen. We go through a thorough process to identify and satisfy your web development needs.

Mobile Website - Your website doesn't look right on mobile devices? We can fix that. Whether it be an phone or tablet, we will make sure you show all the relevant information you or your business can offer customers in a format that will keep them coming back for more.


IT Consultation and other specialized services

Network Consultation - Need a network for your small business? Need to connect multiple locations on a private network? or would you just like to speed up your good ol' network. Either way, the experts at RDBX Inc can help.

Computer Repair - Broken computer, broken lcd, broken anything. We fix it. And if we can't we'll give you solutions what won't put a dent in your wallet.

Upgrades and Customizations - Virus got your computer feeling down? Can't stand almost crawling loading speeds? You may need to revamp or upgrade your equipment. We can do that.

Whether you want the ultimate gaming machine or just a boost in performance, we can give you solutions that make sense.

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